Instant Rewards Review

If you are taking the time to read this right now, then it is likely that you are like many people, skeptical of the Instant Rewards program. I can’t blame you for being skeptical, as there are so many times when we are looking for ways to earn money online, and all we find is a wall of scam companies who just want to take our hard earned dollars and give nothing back in return. Rest assured Instant Rewards is definitely different. There are ways to join the program, and it won’t cost you a single penny.
So, now you are asking yourself, what is so different about Instant Rewards? Well, there are significant Fortune 500 companies out there who have finally realized for one reason or another that they are no longer able to get their names out to potential consumers; organizations such as Proactive, NetFlix, Blockbuster,, DirectTV, Walmart, Gamefly, Equifax, and more are in this list. One reason why their names aren’t getting out there is a simple one, and that is the popularity of the DVR, and even companies such as NetFlix and Hulu. Think about it this way. When is the last time you actually watched a commercial? I know that I don’t watch them very often.
So, these Fortune 500 companies came up with an idea. They have joined advertising campaigns online in order to get their names out in households. Instant Rewards is the middle man so to speak. They have partnered with these companies, and they offer either absolutely free or very low cost trial packages to various company services.
Now you are asking another question which is what exactly does this mean for me? How will I make money using this system? The answer is simple also. You visit the site by clicking HERE. You will have to complete one of the trial offers on the site, but do not fret; there are plenty of either free or very low cost trials available. You have to make sure to keep track of any offers that you complete. This is essential. Instant Rewards does ask that you complete seventy-five to ninety percent of the trial period before you cancel out of it. After this initial period, you can cancel out of the trial offer, and it won’t have cost you a cent. By completing just one, credit worth of offers, you are eligible to start earning money.
I completed the offer which cost me one dollar ($1), but I thought to myself, what is one dollar ($1) when I can start earning money right from the start. Try to think about it from a different approach, when you start a new job you often have to spend money on things like clothing or shoes right? So, spending one dollar ($1) to start earning money really isn’t that unreasonable.
Once you have achieved your one credit, simply spread the word about the program. Use Facebook, Twitter, and other online methods to spread the word about the Instant Rewards program. You will earn money from the people who join the program from your personal link to the Instant Rewards website. The money you earn will be transferred to your personal PayPal account.

If you feel like you need proof of my earnings, here is a screenshot of a payment I received from Instant Rewards.

in proof

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