iWriter Review

Iwriter Review:

iWriter Review

iWriter Review

There are many places to hire writers to ghost write your web content, and they hire freelance writers to do the work. One such site is iWriter. It is a very popular site with over 500,000 jobs posted a month and nearly 200,000 writers.

How does iWriter Work?

Writers can enjoy selecting for a variety of topics and choosing the number of articles they write per day. You can write at your own speed, which puts you in charge of how much money you make. Once you are accepted, you can begin writing immediately. iWriter is on time with payments and the writer sets the frequency.

What type of articles can you write?

It is important to note that you can only write basic articles to start. Once you have written 30 articles with a 4-star rating or higher, then you can write higher rated articles. Even the basic articles have the ability to pay out $7, depending on the word length. There is a fast track available, but it does cost and not everyone has found it useful.

Clients have the ability to accept or reject articles for any reason. If they do not accept the article, you can use it as a sample in your portfolio. However, if they do accept it, you cannot even use it as a sample for later use, as they are purchasing the rights to the article.

Finally, you will need to write in the editor so that extra characters do not appear in the text. This means that if you would like to save a copy, you will need to copy and paste it into Word or Notepad. The communication can waiver on the site, like many other content sites. If you are willing to gamble on your work being accepted, then iWriter offers you the ability to write on your own schedule and make as much money as you desire.

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