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Ds Domination Training

Ds Domination has many useful tutorials to help people get started earning money on Ebay. There are some extra things that you can learn to boost your sales. When I first started I had sales but after I gained experience and reached out to my sponsor I began to gain a lot more sales. I love to help others gain financial freedom so I am going to share some of things that I do to get more sales.

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Now back to the purpose of this article. The first thing that I would recommend that you do is take advantage of holidays. Many people shop during the holidays. Christmas, Valentines day, Forth of July, Fathers Day, etc., are all great holidays to take advantage of. When you list items be sure that your title has words related to whatever holiday is near. So for example if Forth of July is near, you want to put the words party, Forth of July, red, white, and blue in the titles if the item is something that can be used for that holiday and contains colors that represent Forth of July. I will get more into titling listings later on.

What is the next thing you can do to increase sales?

Lately I have been using two tools; Google keyword planner and Google Trends. These tools help me find out what people are searching for. If you want to list a kitchen table on Ebay, you must have great keywords in the title. You can go to Google keyword planner and type in something like black kitchen table to see how many people are searching Google for that item. If it is at least 300 people you may want to put black kitchen table in your title if the kitchen table is black. You can then go back to see if people are searching for a small or big kitchen table. If they are searching for a big table and you can find a big table to list then place the words big kitchen table in the title. You can use Google Trends to do the same exact thing.

Would you like to learn more  Ds Domination Training Tips? If you answered yes keep reading!

Ok I know that you have probably heard this before but I am going to say it again. In order to sale more items you must list more items. This all a numbers game. If you do not have a variety of items listed you may not make that many sales. One thing that I like to do is to list at least twenty new items a day. If there is a day that you are not able to list twenty items daily, take a look at your unsold items and list some of those.

Can you make a higher profit on an item if another seller is selling it for a lower price?

Yes you can. How do I know? Well I have done it before. The key to actually doing that is to make sure that your title is written properly. Make sure that you put many keywords in the title. Make sure that your title is different from other sellers.

How can you get more sales if your Paypal account is still on hold?

If you are new you have to wait three months after your first sell to be free of restrictions regarding PayPal. Three days after the buyer receives the item you will have access to your money. You can use that money to pay for items that sold. Once you have access to your money list more items that you can afford to come out of pocket for. Having your account on hold is a small dilemma but after three months you can really get to listing away! I know it may be overwhelming now but it will get better. My advice for any new person is to only list items that you can afford to come out of pocket for right now. If you sell an item and get a two hundred dollar profit, when that money becomes available to you save it and use it to pay for other items that have sold. Continue to do that until the three months are up. Do not get discourage about waiting three months because those months will go by really quick.

How many times should you re list an item?

If the item did not sell the first time I will list it two more times. If it does not sell after the third listing I will not list that item again.

Do I have any more tips?

Of course I do. If you join my team today I will help you one on one. You will also be able to have access to the Ds Domination Training group for extra support. If you are already in Ds Domination, use my contact form to ask me questions. Also be sure to check out my other articles.

Thanks for reading my Ds domination training article. I hope you benefited from this post. Have a nice day!

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