Bing Rewards Review Scam or not?

Bing Rewards Review

Bing Rewards Review

Bing Rewards Review

Is there anything better than getting something for free? How about getting paid for surfing the internet and searching the web? Bing Rewards is the best way to get something out of all that time you spend on the net!

What is Bing Rewards?

                Bing Rewards is a program that allows users to earn credits for surfing the web, or doing surveys, or taking advantage of fantastic sale opportunities. These credits can then be exchanged for free rewards. Enjoy free Amazon, GameStop, or Burger King Gift cards, just to name a few.  There are dozens of different prizes to choose from.

Getting Started

                All you need to do to get started is visit Bing Rewards from your browser. You can also download the Bing Bar, which makes it easier to gain your points from searching, and you can also access the application on your mobile device, so you can earn your points. Just sign up with your existing Microsoft ID or Facebook account, or create a new account and you’re ready to go!

Bing Rewards Review

                I started a new Bing Rewards Account to get a feel for the system and find out how easy it was to earn credits.  Having some experience with similar rewards sites, like SwagBucks and Fusion Cash, I was pretty sure that I knew what to expect.

Signing up was fairly straight forward.  All we had to do was sign up with our existing Facebook account. The interface is easy to navigate and very intuitive.  The account started with 20 credits right off the bat, and it only took a couple of minutes of clicking to double that number.

Unlike some of the other rewards sites, there are not a lot of offers to choose from. Most of the credits earning options are based around using Bing to search the web on any number of topics. This does limit your earning potential, slightly, because the amount of credits that you can earn per day by searching is limited. Total, you can earn 10 credits per day on mobile searches, and 15 per day on PC searches.

The greatest potential for earning is in inviting new friends to join you on Bing Rewards. You earn 500 credits for each friend who joins and earns Silver status, up to a total of 50,000 credits!

Redeeming Your Rewards

                Even though the earning is slow, that doesn’t prevent you from collecting the rewards. In a few minutes, I was able to earn 43 credits.  The smallest Amazon gift card ($3) is 300 credits.  Even without the bonus of inviting friends, it would only take a couple of weeks to earn a free $3 gift card to Amazon! Also, the reward turn-around is 24 hours, as opposed to the 2 week waiting period offered by SwagBucks, or the month or more it takes to cash out at Fusion Cash.


                If you don’t have hours to spend doing surveys or money to spend on offers, the Bing Rewards is the perfect choice for you.  Earn money simply by searching the internet.

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