Udemy Review: Scam?

Udemy ReviewUdemy Review

Launched in the 2010, Udemy.com is a website that offers users the opportunity to teach and to learn online.  This website’s goal is to provide online education.

This website is definitely geared towards individual teachers and coaches instead of academic institutions. The e-learning platform is also strongly targeted at entrepreneurs. The website is perfect for students who are looking to learn outside the “stiffness” of a traditional classroom.

What Exactly Does Udemy Offer Online Entrepreneurs?  

This is the part of the Udemy review you have been waiting for.  Udemy offers teachers, trainers and coaches a platform to share their knowledge to students who want to learn…and are even willing to pay for the lessons/courses provided.  It offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn all the skills, tips, techniques, and best kept-secrets of their chosen industry.

What is So Great about Udemy?

Let’s face it, one of the foremost reasons for reading this Udemy review is to find out how useful this website will be to you in your quest to earn a living online.  As an online entrepreneur,  Udemy offers you a wealth of resources to help you generate income online. Udemy offers free and paid online courses on any subject.

For instance, do you want to learn how to produce better video quality?  There are courses that offer you complete information to start your video production career. Some courses offer more than “just surface” information to help you build your career.

You can learn a lot from the free courses on the site and paid courses.

If you want to learn how to become an instructor/teacher, there are courses that are specifically created to help you become the teacher every student wants to learn from. Please know that Udemy will take a percentage of the profits made by instructors. Udemy is entitled to 30% of the price that students pay for the basic courses. However, if students find the resource through the instructor’s referral or affiliate program, Udemy will take only 15% of the total sum.

What’s Not So Great About Udemy?

This Udemy review will not be complete if you do not know the not too-pleasant aspect of the website. The free courses offered on the site are okay, but they do not contain the real “meat” of the needed information on the subject. For instance, if you want to learn how to make money online by providing video editing services, the free courses will not contain information such as:

  • Specific skills you need to get better paying clients
  • Where to sell your services
  • How to effectively market your services with proven results
  • Successfully building an online brand
  • How to use social media and blogs effectively to reach your target consumers
  • Preparing your business for the future.
  • And more!

In other words, you don’t get the complete information to help you become a successful video editor.

In Conclusion

If you want to find courses to help you learn more about your chosen industry, and to create income using the information you have gotten, then Udemy is something you may want to consider.Start learning on Udemy today!

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