Jillsclickcorner Review: Scam?

Jillslclickcorner Review: Scam or Legit?

Jillsclickcorner is a website that pays members for clicking on advertisements like links, or banners. It was set up by a couple from the Netherlands, Jill and Sebas. You can also earn money by taking part in offers given by advertisers, or by signing up new members.

How much can you earn?

The site itself appears quite simple, but has some unique features offered to members. If you’re a member of Jillsclickcorner you will typically receive around $0.0025 per advertisement clicked. This is not a huge amount of money, but is typical of these sorts of programs. By signing up for advertiser offers, you have the potential to earn more money.

If you sign someone up for Jillsclickcorner, you will gain a small percentage of all profits they make on the site. Typically you will have to recruit referrals yourself. However, if you upgrade to one of the special paid membership levels, of which there are six, you will be assigned a referral. The paid levels of membership cost between $9.95 and $75.95 per year. As a member, you have access to more advertisements. You don’t even have to be active to earn referral commission, and you earn up to 10% on commission. You can pay out at as low as 10 cent, and as a member you get a 10% discount on advertising. There are also options for purchasing referrals, in order to stack up commission earned, and you can earn 50 referrals for as little as $15, up to 250 referrals for $67.50.

Jillsclickcorner also offers you games to play, where you can spend game tokens and potentially win cash, and there are also monthly referral contests where you can win $100, and each month they give away between $200 and $500 in contests. As an advertiser, you can sign up for Jillsclickcorner to get hits on your website or offer rewards for members to sign up to. Packages on Jillsclickcorner start at $2 for 100 clicks. If you are looking for an offer package, it can cost from $5 per 10 people signing up. Single advertising prices start from as little as $1. You have many payment options, including PayPal and Payza, and can even pay with credit card, so you have many options regarding your money. Any ads you make are placed immediately after payment so there is no waiting around.

With Jillsclickcorner there can be some problems if you use a dynamic IP, because the system will flag you as a spammer and you might have trouble getting paid. This is usually resolved with contacting customer support, however. Otherwise there are not many problems with payment, and most people record good experiences with Jillsclickcorner. It’s an excellent opportunity to try to earn a little extra cash on the side, and if it works out for you it might be worthwhile becoming a paid member. If you’re an advertiser, it’s a great opportunity to generate hits for your site for a really competitive fee.

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Cashcrate Review: scam or not?

Cashcrate review

Cashcrate review

Cashcrate Review

Many people would love the option to work from home. However, very few actually know how this can be done. There is a site called Cash Crate that makes it easy to do this. All you have to do is do short tasks, and you can make money – simple as that! There are no catches or fees associated with this website. When I started using this website, I knew I wanted to do a Cashcrate review to fill you in on the details!

What do you have to do to get paid?

Companies who go through Cashcrate will have many different tasks for you to complete. You have the option of earning cash rewards, getting cash back, and earning prizes. Each different task will have a different amount of pay. To cash out from Cashcrate, you only need to have $20! Payments are processed on the 20th of each month.

There is also a referral program, and that makes it easier to earn more. There are two different levels. You will receive 20% of what the people you referred make. On top of that, you can earn 10% on the people that they refer as well. The more people you refer, you will make even more, and eventually you can make 30% for referrals. Not to mention, they offer bonuses! Imagine just referring only 8-10 friends – You can seriously earn some extra cash with this option, and that’s not even including your short tasks that you have completed.

Are there any requirements that you must have in order to sign up at Cashcrate?

The only requirement is that you must be 13 years old. Of course, being in the United States will give you the option to do more offers. However, many different countries can use the site as well. It literally only takes a few seconds to sign up, and you can be well on your way to earning extra income. I had to give the cashcrate review, because it’s something legit, and something that many people could use for extra cash.

To sign up visit  cashcrate.com

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free gift cards online guide

Get free gift cards online

get free gift cards online

free gift cards online

Ok so I know that this blog is about making money from home but it is nice to get free gift cards. Many people want to learn how to get free gift cards online so I decided to write a post explaining how to do just that. Continue reading to learn how to get free gift cards online.

Do you know how to get free gift cards online?

Most people have already heard of an app by the name of App Trailers. If you have not I will explain to you how to get free gift cards by using this app.

First things first, if you have a Smartphone click here to download the app. Once the app is downloaded be sure to set up your account before you begin. Once you set up your account you can then start viewing very short ad videos to earn free gift cards. You can also earn PayPal money as well! I have never redeemed a gift card but I have received cash. Shortly after I requested to be paid I was paid.

How long will it take you to earn a free gift card?

You could earn a free gift card the same day you join if you watch many videos. This program should not be considered anything other than a way to earn a few dollars or gift cards here and there. You will not earn much but every little bit helps. This is another program that you can add to your list of work from home programs.

How to get free gift cards online doing other things?

There are many things you can do online to earn free gift cards. You can also download Appjoy and download apps to earn cash or gift cards. You can also check out my work from home list by clicking on the make money from home tab just below the blog title. The sites listed on that page can help you earn some extra cash to go towards purchasing gift cards. If you do not have a Smartphone device, I am sure that you will be able to find a program or two that interests you.

Thanks for reading my blog post! I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section. If you would like to learn how to get free gift cards online or money by using other sites be sure to stay tuned to my blog.


Humanatic work from home review

Humanatic work from home review

Did you know that there are people who actually get paid to listen and provide details on recorded phone calls? I had no idea that you could actually get paid to listen to phone calls until I stumbled across a blog post about a year ago stating that you can earn money by working for a company called Humanatic. This company has been around for quite some time. You can easily earn a few bucks with this company. I have been paid by this company so they are legitimate. You will not earn a full time income but you can earn some extra cash in your spare time.

What exactly do you have to do to earn money with Humanatic?



The tasks are very simple. All you have to do is listen to recorded calls and provide the information that Humanatic asks you to provide. Sometimes they will just ask you to tell them how many minutes or seconds did it take for the caller to reach a qualified person. Other times they may ask you to state whether or not the call was concerning inventory. It really depends on what categories are available to you. Not everyone will work in the same categories. When I first started I only was given one category and now I have about four categories that I can choose to work in.

How do you receive your funds?

Funds are sent weekly via Paypal. You must have earned at least ten dollars before you can request to be paid.

Are there any qualifications that you have to have in order to work for Humanatic?

No there are not qualifications that you must have. Before you begin, you will have to complete a small training session to ensure that you know exactly what to do.

To sign up please visit Humanatic

QuickRewards: Is it a scam?



Earn extra cash with quickrewards

A few years ago I joined a get paid to program by the name of quickrewards.Quickrewards has been around for quite some time now. Quickrewards has many offers that you can complete to earn money. You can also find quite a few surveys on this website. Quickrewards allows users to get paid to answer trivia questions as well.You can also earn money from your referrals. This website also allows you to make money by clicking ads and listening to music.

Why join quickrewards?

One great thing I love about this site is you only have to earn one cent in order to request payout. Payments are sent out very quickly. If you do not want to receive cash, you can choose to receive other things such as movies and magazines.

Some of the offers on this site are very easy to complete. Some of the surveys are easy to qualify for as well. The surveys are very similar to the surveys that appear on other get paid to websites. If you hate doing surveys, you can still earn from this website by choosing to complete various tasks.

Have I been paid by quickrewards?

I have been paid by this company several times. They have always paid me in a timely manner. This is a great little website to earn a few bucks from. You can choose to donate the money that you have earned.  You will not be able to make a living with this program alone but this is a great little egg to add in your basket. It is always a great idea to have multiple streams of income. You never want to rely on one source of income because you never know when that company may go out of business.

If you are interested in joining quickrewards click here.

PaidViewPoint Review

What is Paidviewpoint? paidviewpoint
Paidviewpoint is a work from home program that allows their users to earn money by participating in small survey polls. The surveys are very short and simple to complete. I am a member of this program. So far, I have not encountered any long surveys that I have to complete. Paidviewpoint is very different than other survey companies. Once you log into your account you will be immediately notified if you have a survey to complete.

How much can you make with this program?
You will not make much but you can earn some extra side income from this program. This is not a great program to depend on to earn a full time income but it is one of the best survey sites that I have ran across. Most online survey are very hard to complete but that is not the case with Paidviewpoint. The surveys are not troublesome at all.

Are there other ways to earn from this program?
Currently there are only two ways to earn extra cash from this program. You can complete surveys and refer people to do the same thing.

How do you sign up?
Click here to sign up. Make sure your account information is constantly updated so Paidviewpoint can send you surveys that best matches your preferences.

Instant Rewards Review

If you are taking the time to read this right now, then it is likely that you are like many people, skeptical of the Instant Rewards program. I can’t blame you for being skeptical, as there are so many times when we are looking for ways to earn money online, and all we find is a wall of scam companies who just want to take our hard earned dollars and give nothing back in return. Rest assured Instant Rewards is definitely different. There are ways to join the program, and it won’t cost you a single penny.
So, now you are asking yourself, what is so different about Instant Rewards? Well, there are significant Fortune 500 companies out there who have finally realized for one reason or another that they are no longer able to get their names out to potential consumers; organizations such as Proactive, NetFlix, Blockbuster, CreditScore.com, DirectTV, Walmart, Gamefly, Equifax, and more are in this list. One reason why their names aren’t getting out there is a simple one, and that is the popularity of the DVR, and even companies such as NetFlix and Hulu. Think about it this way. When is the last time you actually watched a commercial? I know that I don’t watch them very often.
So, these Fortune 500 companies came up with an idea. They have joined advertising campaigns online in order to get their names out in households. Instant Rewards is the middle man so to speak. They have partnered with these companies, and they offer either absolutely free or very low cost trial packages to various company services.
Now you are asking another question which is what exactly does this mean for me? How will I make money using this system? The answer is simple also. You visit the site by clicking HERE. You will have to complete one of the trial offers on the site, but do not fret; there are plenty of either free or very low cost trials available. You have to make sure to keep track of any offers that you complete. This is essential. Instant Rewards does ask that you complete seventy-five to ninety percent of the trial period before you cancel out of it. After this initial period, you can cancel out of the trial offer, and it won’t have cost you a cent. By completing just one, credit worth of offers, you are eligible to start earning money.
I completed the CreditScore.com offer which cost me one dollar ($1), but I thought to myself, what is one dollar ($1) when I can start earning money right from the start. Try to think about it from a different approach, when you start a new job you often have to spend money on things like clothing or shoes right? So, spending one dollar ($1) to start earning money really isn’t that unreasonable.
Once you have achieved your one credit, simply spread the word about the program. Use Facebook, Twitter, and other online methods to spread the word about the Instant Rewards program. You will earn money from the people who join the program from your personal link to the Instant Rewards website. The money you earn will be transferred to your personal PayPal account.

If you feel like you need proof of my earnings, here is a screenshot of a payment I received from Instant Rewards.

in proof

Get paid to post on forums

There are many ways to earn money online. One of the ways you can earn money online is by posting on forums. Posting on forums can put some extra cash into your pockets. Postloop is a company that allows users to get paid to post on forums. Many forum owners use Postloop to gain content on their forums. I am a member on Postloop and so far my experience with this company has been very pleasant. There are many forums to choose from. So you can choose to only post on forums that interest you. Postloop is very strict about the quality of your posts, so I suggest that you only post on forums that contain topics that you are familiar with.

Once you have one hundred points, you can request payout. Payments are sent via Paypal. You should receive your payment within a few hours of requesting it. You can earn five dollars for every one hundred points you receive.

The sign up process for Postloop is very simple. Click here to sign up. Then you will be asked to write ten quality posts on a forum. Your account will be reviewed after you make ten quality posts. The approval process usually takes a few hours. Once you have been approved, you should receive a welcome email. You can begin posting on forums once you receive your welcome email.

Get Paid to Complete Tasks Online

What is Microworkers?
Microworkers is a get paid to company that allows individuals to get paid to complete small and very simple tasks. This company has been around for quite a few years now.

What kind of tasks do you have to complete?
There are many tasks available on Microworkers. Some tasks will require you to join a free program. Some tasks will require you to search and click on a website link. You can even get paid to follow someone on Twitter. Different tasks are posted regularly by employers. Below is an example of the many tasks available on this site:

microworkers example

Can you get paid to refer others?
As of right now they do not have a referral program.

How much can I expect to make?
Well you can make a few hundred a month if you complete tasks regularly. The tasks are very easy to complete. If you work a few hours each day, you can easily earn some extra cash. I have read a few negative reviews about Microworkers. Some people claim that they do not pay. I have not encountered a problem with this company as of yet. I have always been paid. They pay every Thursday via Paypal if you meet the minimum payout requirements. The minimum amount you have to earn before you can request to be paid is nine dollars.

How do I sign up?
Click here to sign up
After you sign up be sure that you request your personal pin number. This number will be mailed to you. You must have a pin number before you can receive your funds.
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment!