There are many helpful resources available for people who are seeking work from home jobs. Below is a list of work from home resources:

wahm– This is a great forum to use to find legitimate work from home opportunities. They have many different types of jobs listed on the forum.

workplacelikehome– this is another great forum to find work at home jobs

cafemom– Cafemom has many different work at home groups that you can join and find work from home opportunities

Job search sites:

Indeed Jobs -This is a well known website that you can use to search for jobs

monster– this is another site that has work from home listings

craigslist– This is another well known site that you can use to find jobs.

google– If there is a particular job that you want to obtain, you can do a search on Google as well

odesk– If you have great skills to offer others you may want to check out odesk. There are many jobs on that site. You can get paid to post ads, make calls, market, etc.