Cashcrate Review: scam or not?

Cashcrate review

Cashcrate review

Cashcrate Review

Many people would love the option to work from home. However, very few actually know how this can be done. There is a site called Cash Crate that makes it easy to do this. All you have to do is do short tasks, and you can make money – simple as that! There are no catches or fees associated with this website. When I started using this website, I knew I wanted to do a Cashcrate review to fill you in on the details!

What do you have to do to get paid?

Companies who go through Cashcrate will have many different tasks for you to complete. You have the option of earning cash rewards, getting cash back, and earning prizes. Each different task will have a different amount of pay. To cash out from Cashcrate, you only need to have $20! Payments are processed on the 20th of each month.

There is also a referral program, and that makes it easier to earn more. There are two different levels. You will receive 20% of what the people you referred make. On top of that, you can earn 10% on the people that they refer as well. The more people you refer, you will make even more, and eventually you can make 30% for referrals. Not to mention, they offer bonuses! Imagine just referring only 8-10 friends – You can seriously earn some extra cash with this option, and that’s not even including your short tasks that you have completed.

Are there any requirements that you must have in order to sign up at Cashcrate?

The only requirement is that you must be 13 years old. Of course, being in the United States will give you the option to do more offers. However, many different countries can use the site as well. It literally only takes a few seconds to sign up, and you can be well on your way to earning extra income. I had to give the cashcrate review, because it’s something legit, and something that many people could use for extra cash.

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