Qmee Review: scam or not?

Qmee Review

Qmee Review


Qmee is a program that is available for both PC and Mac users – it currently does not work on mobile devices like iPods, tablets, iPads, and smart phones. It works alongside well known search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, and sites like eBay and Amazon. Qmee displays “relevant” search results and then pays users for clicking on its sponsored links.


How Exactly Does Qmee Work?

When you sign up with Qmee.com, you have the opportunity to earn money by using the app to search for information, products, and services online (just like you would usually do) and by clicking on relevant links that it provides. You can earn some money in exchange for clicking on the links, while the businesses whose links you clicked on will get more insight into their target consumers/users. This ultimately shows them just how effective their adverts campaigns are.


To help users earn more for conducting searches, Qmee employs a browser extension that monitors users’ online searches, and then matches the searches with its list of sponsored links. You will see the links displayed in a small window on the computer screen’s left hand side, along with the sum you will get for clicking on the link.


When you click on the links, your earnings will start to accrue in your [Read more…]